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Grow Your Business With Custom Heat Transfers

Save time and money decorating one-of-a-kind custom screen-printed apparel.

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How To Use Custom Heat Transfers

Custom screen printing doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll help walk you through every step of the way. Here’s how our heat press transfers work:

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1. Upload Your Design

Upload the image you want to transfer for shirts. Not sure if it's print-ready? We'll check it for free and help get your artwork in print perfect shape.

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2. We Print Your Transfers

We'll screen print your artwork and ship it to you fast on special heat transfer print release paper.

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3. Heat Press Your Design

Each transfer comes packed with an easy-to-follow application guide. It only takes 7 seconds to apply!

Is it really this easy?

Yep! Applying heat transfers is super simple: no skilled labor required. Follow our tips and you'll learn how to heat press in minutes, printing new profit every seven seconds.

Custom Heat Transfer Options

Create your own image and get custom screen printed shirts with ease

Screen Print Transfers

Great for small to large custom projects (24+ pieces).
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DTF Transfers

Direct to film (DTF) transfers are ideal for personalization & small projects (1-75 pieces).

New to custom heat transfers?
Learn how to deliver stronger results with FM.

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Benefits Include:

  • Low start up cost: Just a heat press. You don't need expensive equipment.
  • Clean: No messy inks, chemistry or environmental concerns.
  • Flexible: Press your custom scren prints to match customer demand and never get stuck with printed inventory you can't sell.
  • Fast: Apply in just 7 seconds. We print it and ship it fast.
  • Deliver Quality: Access 40+ years of precision screen printing experience and a state-of-the-art print factory.

We're Your Virtual Print Factory

Our state-of-the-art print factory is ready to print your next heat press transfers project at the click of a button. Join thousands of customers, ranging from local t-shirt shops and side hustlers to boutiques and global brands who grew their businesses using our custom transfer service.


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Have a question on custom heat transfers? You’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know.

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Turnaround times start as low as 2 business days, but are determined by a number of factors. Visit our Turnaround & Shipping Times page for more info.

Exact directions vary by the heat transfer’s formula type, but generally all you’ll need is a heat press and 7 seconds to press each design.

Your formula type will largely be based on three factors: the fabric, number of colors in your design, and preferred softness. We have a cheat sheet to help you find the best formula for your needs.

We print artwork at the size you submit it, and will print any size design as long as it fits on your selected sheet size. Need help sizing your image? Select resize and provide the dimensions during the upload process and we'll resize your image for free.

Single image sheets allow for one image to be printed per sheet and are almost always the most cost-effective way to order large artwork and mid-sized, one color designs.

Gang sheets allow for multiple images to be printed on the same sheet. They are a budget-friendly way to print large amounts of small images.

Dye migration occurs when dye from a heat-sensitive polyester fabric seeps into the imprint. Using our Athletic formula or opting for 100% cotton garments are great ways to avoid this problem.

Nope! Submit your design exactly as you’d like it to look on a garment.

We have a stock color library that can be used to print 1, 2, or 3 color artwork. Almost any other color can be printed with our custom Pantone matching offering or through our full color program.

No, if the background is clearly different than the artwork, we will remove it automatically. If we have questions we will email you a proof.
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Verified Customer

I originally ordered prints from Etsy that did not press correctly, was recommended FM from a friend. FM was wonderful, they completely my transfer and shipped in just a few days! I highly recommend FM for ready to press transfers. I will definitely be using them again in the future!

Verified Customer

These guys are truly amazing. Accurate and quick they have made it very affordable for me to use T's to advertise and drive a great income for my business. Trinity Pro Scooters has really done well with FM Expressions! Thanks guys!!!

Verified Customer

Excellent service, an employee explained the sizing to me as a first time customer and how it works. As for my first order they were not the size I wanted which I had chosen on the website. I received an email back after I reached out and received the size I wanted the second order. The shipment time was amazing and quick. Thank you FM Expressions!!

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